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What ARE SCADA Systems, and How Do They Work?

The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or SCADA system is a tool designed to help manufacturing businesses monitor and control field devices located at their remote sites. For many organizations in the process industries, SCADA systems are essential for optimizing efficiency and processing information in real-time at their various manufacturing plants. The primary aim of…

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Common Signs Telling You It’s Time to Automate Your Bakery Production Lines

While demand for baked goods is higher than ever, many bakery owners are still perplexed upon deciding whether or not it’s a good time to automate their production lines. Most bread and snack manufacturers are familiar with the advantages industrial automation solutions can bring. Yet, they remain unclear on how to identify the critical breaking…

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Helpful Strategies for Meeting Salt Reduction Targets in the Prepared Food Industry

Governments and personal wellness groups have been discussing the harms of excessive salt consumption for years now. Several well-publicized studies have shown substantial linkages between sodium-high foods and cardiovascular disease. While the research on this topic is constantly evolving, recent studies on the impacts of salt intake have led to a series of public health…

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