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EZSoft has been providing assistance to the Manufacturing Community since 1999.
We are proud of our award winning applications, from system integration to MES capabilities that have been deployed over our first 20 years in business.We look forward to helping you!


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  • Process analysis, diagnostics, and optimization
  • Compresses & stores data
  • Responds to SQL requests
  • Production/Plant Reporting
  • Realtime – What is current value of a tag?
  • Historical – What is value of tag every second yesterday?
  • Summary – What is average of five tags?
  • Event – When did heater trip?
  • Configuration – How many/what type  I/O servers are in use

Almost every Plant would benefit from an Asset Managemewnt Solution and a Data Historian as building blocks.

EZSoft stands behind their work and offers a variety of plans for both remote and on-site support.