Training and Support

Without proper training, an automation project can never reach its full potential. EZSoft is proud to offer training services that our customers have remarked are among the best they have ever experienced.


Hands-On Learning: The EZSoft Advantage

We know that learning by doing is the best way for your personnel to achieve proficiency in the use of a control system. Therefore, EZSoft will provide hands-on, interactive classroom training using actual operator interface terminals and customized simulation logic. This allows “learning by doing” without risk to your equipment or product. 

The combination of a Powerpoint lecture and interactive exercises allows the trainer to convey automation concepts to your staff far better than a lecture or manual ever could. 

Using simulation logic, the student exercises focus on normal operating procedures, system shutdown and startup, and fault recovery.



Tailored Training for Every Role

Targeted training is available for your supervisors, managers, and maintenance technicians. Technician training would focus on manual control of system devices, calibration procedures, and, most importantly, how to identify equipment problems through the HMI via alarms and status messaging. 

Manager training would focus on higher level tasks, such as recipe management, inventory tracking, and analyzing production efficiencies and deficiencies through the reporting system.


Comprehensive Documentation for Ongoing Success

Along with the detailed system specification documents that EZSoft can provide, we are also able to deliver high-quality copies of a User’s Manual and/or Troubleshooting Guide for your systems. 

Operators have found huge benefits in our illustrated Quick-Reference sheets. The Quick-Reference sheet details important system functions and can be distributed to employees and/or laminated and left at the operator interface terminal.

In addition to system-specific training, EZSoft is able to provide general training on PLC programming, program design, PLC troubleshooting (hardware and software), and HMI/SCADA (RSView, iFix, WonderWare)

Training Types:


Small group (2-6 people)

Large classroom (10+)

Management training

Maintenance training

Onsite or Offsite

Documents Available:

System Design Specifications

User’s Manual

Troubleshooting Guide

Quick-Reference Sheets

Training and Support

Our life cycle services and associated documentation ensure that your EZSoft solutions are easily supported and serviced. EZSoft works as a partner with our customers to deliver a complete service offering. We offer telephone and internet support. We also offer on-site maintenance support. We offer annual maintenance contracts where we perform system checkups, improvements and backups.Tra

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