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ControlBuilder® is used to streamline and standardize the engineering processes in developing control systems.


EZSoft, Inc. has developed a toolset called ControlBuilder® that is used to streamline and standardize the engineering processes in developing control systems. With ControlBuilder®, there is a centralized data store that can store code modules, documentation, and test steps for various objects used in the construction of the control system equipment model. 

Units, Phases (Equipment Modules), and Devices (Control Modules) can be instantiated from existing types or new types can be derived from existing types. When the Control System has been modeled in the database, ControlBuilder® is able to generate various types of outputs that can then be imported into various components of the control system including RSLogix 5000 L5K files, Rockwell FactoryTalk, Wonderware InTouch and GE Proficy iFix Tag Databases and Alarm Databases, as well as equipment models for Third Party S88 Batch Execution systems such as Rockwell Software’s Factory Talk Batch, Wonderware InBatch or GE Proficy iBatch.

The power of ControlBuilder® is that it can be used for a project of any size. The larger the system the more return on investment. EZSoft, Inc. has benefited from the use ControlBuilder® on projects big and small ranging from small pharmaceutical water systems to large consumer product batch systems, to motion-control applications. 

ControlBuilder® fosters good programming practices as well as overall system design philosophies. Code components, (or outputs of any text-based format CSV, XML) are developed and stored in a central code repository, and then object classes are developed that can link to any of these code components.

With an easy to use front end ControlBuilder® can quickly generate a full range of components for any project ranging from source code to specifications and validation documents.

Engineering Services:

Specification Development

Process Automation

Systems Integration

Manufacturing Operations Management

Database Design

Web Based Reporting

Regulatory Validation


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